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       Finding arts and crafts at a very young age has been lifesaving and changing for me. Using art and photography as my creative outlet has given me the freedom to see the world in many different lights. I find joy in creating beautiful creations which are meant to inspire, evoke emotion and leave one feeling joyous and calm. Most of my work is inspired by spending many days submerged in the northern forests of Minnesota. I have hiked the entire Superior Hiking Trail both ways and love spending as much time as possible in the Boundary Waters. These places provides me with sources of inspiration to create mixed media 3D abstract art.

       While being grounded and connecting with the forest, I find beauty in all Mother Nature has to offer us. I enjoy highlighting the colors, textures, shapes and patterns I see around me, revealing complexity and hidden layers within the artifacts I find in nature. I hope my art and photography inspire you to take a hike in the woods or a paddle on one of our pristine lakes. As an avid Hiker and paddler, I feel very strongly about the future preservation of our planet. My deep love and respect for nature has led me to support and advocate for keeping our waters clean, leaving no trace, as well as advocating to save the BWCA. All these things are important for the future of our planet and all living things. I hope my advocation will help preserve our lands for future generations to enjoy.

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